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About us

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About us

Our business

Volvo Bil i Göteborg AB handles Volvo Car Groups and partners' products and services and offers an arena for a complete experience regarding leasing, fleet, workshops, damage center, refueling and car wash. We provide Volvo Car Group, Polestar, Geely and Volvo Group with company cars and additional services. Swedish and European Volvo dealerships as well as Hertz and M also form part of our customer base. We have just over 500 employees and are wholly owned by Volvo Car Corporation.

Meet our co-worker Betim

Technical challenges and developing systems is something I like to delve into. And as a system developer at Digital Development, I really get the opportunity to do so.

The variation in a working day is great, it is both about maintaining systems, troubleshooting, finding bugs and fixing them, to simply ensure the data quality. But also to develop new systems, such as when we recently developed an integration solution between Volvo Car's logistics system for transport and Volvo Car's sales system, to get them to collaborate and talk to each other. In this way, we at IT are part of facilitating the work of our employees, but also, in the long run, making the customer journey as smooth as possible.

Meet our co-worker Polihronia

My background is in the restaurant business, so start working with cars meant a completely change of field.

But after almost two years at Volvo Bil, I have no regrets. A common denominator is customer meetings, and that's what I find so exciting. To see the customers' different needs. I get to meet them in several different ways, partly I work as an ”tester” for returned cars, to check mileage and tires, look for dents and other damage, and decide what needs to be done. And partly, I work closely with the delivery department, where I got to try delivering new vans. Some customers are very inquisitive and want to know everything, others are already familiar and just want the keys. Being able to try and gain insight into other people's tasks creates a greater understanding of the entire customer journey. But it is an exciting industry, something new is constantly happening that you have to learn and keep up to date with.

Meet our co-worker Thomas

My journey as a leader started about ten years ago at Volvo Bil , where I am responsible for Remarketing Operations. That means, to sell our used cars to the Volvo Cars dealership.

Otherwise, I have had many different roles during my 35 years here and that is what makes it exciting, that you get the opportunity to have different professional roles. And as we know, we are in an industry that is constantly evolving and that means that you must develop new methods and business models all the time, it never stops and stagnates. Being able to work as a leader and give other people the opportunity to develop and grow in their roles is incredibly inspiring. At the same time, Volvo Bil is part of Volvo Cars, with the large company's advantages, but the fact that we are smaller means that we are closer to the customers and that we can be more involved in decisions and can influence. I really honestly think I have the greatest job in the world.


Meet our co-worker Emelie

Variety and challenges are two things I want to be included in my working day and as a Personal Service Technician (PST) I get a big dose of both.

After my education as a technician at Motorbranschens Tekniska Gymnasium (MTG), I got a place as a trainee at Volvo Bil i Göteborg AB. Now I have worked for a couple of years as a PST and I really enjoy it. It is varied and fun with a lot of contact with customers and to get to troubleshoot is a bit of a detective work from time to time. But that's what makes it so fun. The fact that it is an industry that is developing rapidly means that there are always opportunities for personal development both within Volvo Bil i Göteborg AB and Volvo Cars.

Welcome to visit us

Our workshops, Volvo Car Sörred, Lundby and Tuve handles more than 66,000 cars per year and have just over 100 mechanics and technicians available during the day and evening. The rental car fleet consists of over 400 cars in different sizes and models and we have about 11,000 rentals per year. Our stores are located at Sörredsmotet, Lundby and Tuve. Where we offer a large selection and in-demand range.


All safety issues within Volvo Bil i Göteborg AB are handled centrally by Volvo Cars safety. If necessary, contact Volvo Car's safety on telephone 031 - 590 112