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Polestar Engineered Optimization focuses on six key performance areas

You get faster response, direct control and a more intensive driving experience.

AWD Torque

Dynamic driving mode has been calibrated to provide maximum torque to the rear wheels.

Accelerator response

Accelerator response has been recalibrated for better feedback and acceleration.

Engine and gear response*

The engine and transmission have been calibrated to respond faster after releasing the accelerator. *Automatic only

Gear shift speed*

Gear shift speed has been improved to allow the car to accelerate faster and react more directly to your input. *Automatic only

Gear shift precision*

Gear shifting has been optimised for a more precise driving experience with faster acceleration. *Automatic only

Engine performance

All Drive-E optimisations are designed to increase the performance of the engine’s midrange.

Polestar Enginereed - designed to perform

Our Polestar Engineered cars use high performance parts from some of the most respected suppliers in the business. Every component is fine-tuned and engineered to work together in order to enhance driving enjoyment. The highly controlled and intuitive driving characteristics, in combination with powerful plug-in hybrid propulsion technology, deliver an involving, electrified, driving experience designed to make a statement.

Polestar Engineered Brembo Brakes for high performance

Polestar Engineered Öhlins Chassis for intuitive and highly controlled handling (incl. strut bar)

Check out if your car is ready for optimization

Polestar Engineered Optimisation carries on the tradition of adding a flavour of Polestar to your Volvo car with the help of powertrain software enhancements.
Designed to increase power, acceleration, transmission performance (automatic only) and all-wheel drive torque, Polestar Engineered Optimisation can be added to new and existing Volvo models. Please talk to us for more information.

See which models can be optimized Here.