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Roof box

Roof box, space design 420

Space Design is a modern, exclusive and aerodynamic roof box which thanks to its unique design, provides minimal air resistance. Can be opened from both sides thanks to the Dual Opening system. The aerodynamic design and a range of practical special features, together with generous interior dimensions, make this box a class of its own. Available in two different sizes. The roof box has a mounting system that makes it playfully easy to mount the box on the car. Requires no tools and is easily handled from the inside of the roof box, which simplifies assembly and disassembly. Equipped with patented quick-mount Power-click, which provides a quick and safe installation. The roof box is equipped with an integrated handle, which provides easy opening and closing, as well as a mat at the bottom of the box to reduce noise.


  • Accessory weight: 18.0 kg
  • Length: 2 060 mm (outside)
  • Width: 840 mm (outside)
  • Load width: 650 mm (inside)
  • Maximum number of skis: 5-7 pieces
  • Height: 340 mm (outside)
  • Volume: 320 liters
  • Load capacity: 75 kg
  • Max. speed limit: 130 km / h

PRICE: SEK 6 552


  • Carpet at the bottom of the box to reduce noise
  • Exclusive shiny colors in black or titanium silver
  • Central lock with key in grip-friendly design
  • Fits all Volvo load carriers
  • The roof box is Volvo-identified with an emblem on each side
  • The box is made of vacuum-formed ABS plastic, which makes it extremely light
  • The roof box is equipped with quick-mounts, "power-click", which provides quick and safe installation
  • Advanced aerodynamic properties that minimize air resistance, wind noise and vibration
  • Locking kit “One Key System” can be fitted if you want the same key for the load carrier as for the roof box, see locking kit
  • “City Crash” test