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How to choose the right child seat

The absolute safest thing for a child up to four to five years old is to travel rearward facing.
This reduces the risk of the child being seriously injured in a collision by 90 percent compared to sitting facing forward.

0 to 1 year (0-13 kg)

Infant seat

Designed to provide comfort and protection for infants aged 0–1 year, or who weigh approx. 0–13 kg, our rear-facing infant seat features a deep shaped seat, luxurious new upholstery and high side panels. The large carry handle is easily adjusted using one hand and the headrest can be conveniently altered from the front.

New born- 4 years (0-18 kg)

Rear facing child seat

At Volvo, we always want to make your life easier. In the new version of the rear-facing child seat, we have added a twisting function, which makes it easier for you to fasten your child. When the child is properly clamped, simply twist the child seat back so that it clicks into the correct position. Volvo recommends that children sit backwards in the car until they are at least four years old.

9 months to 6 years (9-25 kg)

Rear facing child seat

Featuring improved legroom, added tilt and recline options and luxurious new upholstery, our rear-facing child seat provides optimal comfort and safety for children aged 9 months to 6 years or who weigh approx. 9–25 kg. The compact design and low weight mean it is also easy to install, adjust and remove.

4 to 10 years (15-36 kg)

Child seat, booster seat

Our child booster seat is designed for children aged 4–10 years or who weigh approx. 15–36 kg. The padded headrest, high side panels and shoulder protection ensure a safe journey, while the luxurious new upholstery guarantees a comfortable one. The ISOFIT system holds the seat securely in place, even when a child is not sitting in it.

4 to 10 years (15-36 kg

Booster cushion with backrest

Designed for children aged 4–10 years, or who weigh approx. 15–36 kg, our booster cushion with backrest ensures the safety belt always sits correctly to provide children with the same high level of comfort and safety as they grow. The backrest can be adjusted for rest/sleep position and features five different height settings.

Recommendations for child safety in the front seat

Volvo Cars recommendation for the use of the front passenger airbag for children has been updated, thanks to advances in airbag technology in recent years.