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Damage notification/accident abroad

Permit and green card

You are entitled to use the rental car in Sweden and the other Nordic countries. If you plan to travel outside the Nordic countries, a written permit from Volvo Bil i Göteborg AB is required.

We have a list of approved countries and can issue a permit to be taken on the trip. If you plan to visit a country that requires a so-called Green Card, We can help to arrange one at a cost of SEK 150 incl. VAT. A Green Card is internationally accepted proof that the rental car is covered by the necessary third-party insurance in the countries listed on the card.

You are not permitted to drive the rental car in countries that are not encompassed by the Green Card as the car’s insurance is not valid. Accordingly, you will be liable for any damage to the rental car.

In some countries, you are required to present your Green Card at the border. If you cannot do so, you can be forced to pay for fixed-term third-party insurance valid for the days you are to spend in the country with the car. Any such costs are not reimbursed. However, your other car insurance remains valid.

Do as follows if anything happens to the car abroad

Always contact SOS International a/s on +46 31 51 83 35. Contact the rental office where you collected the car as soon as possible.

Request receipts for all of your outlays and remember to report the damage to us immediately upon returning home, and no later than 30 days after of the incident.


If renting the car privately, you can sign a damage waiver, which greatly reduces the excess in the event of damage. See the separate price list at the office where you collect your rental car.

Company car drivers should contact their HR organisation for the latest information on the applicable regulations.