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We built your car - let´s tell you how important your windshield is

More than just a windscreen. In the car's windscreen, there is extensive technology for, among other things, fatigue warnings, active lane assistance and auto brakes. The advanced safety system can detect and avoid collisions with pedestrians, cyclists, other cars and large animals. If a dangerous situation arises, you can also help steer clear of oncoming traffic and vehicles at the dead end. Here you can read more about how your windscreen, the car's safety system and all parts of the car are interconnected.

Book a car glass repair / window change

In the event of emergency car glass repair, notification is made via the Volvia app.

Important for the advanced security

On Volvo cars, the windscreen is an important part of Volvo's advanced safety system. Here you will find an antenna, camera and laser that control, among other things, the functions behind fatigue alarms, auto brakes, distance control and traffic sign information. When replacing the windscreen it is important that the new one has the same characteristics as the original window. The car's safety system works reliably only if the optical tolerances, glass thickness and weight are accurate and the weight is exactly right, and that the box is mounted correctly with Volvo Original glue.

These systems depend on the quality of the windscreen:

• City Safety with auto brake • Adaptive cruise control • Collision warning with Pedestrian Detection • Fatigue warning • Lane keeping aid • Traffic sign information • Ready alert brakes • Active high beam • Automatic warning and dipped beam • Preparation of seat belts and airbags • Power belts for passenger airbag • Body stability • Large Animal Detection

Green, yellow or red zone?

If you get a stone chip, fix it as soon as possible to prevent moisture from penetrating and destroying the film in the glass or breaking it. Some stone chips can be repaired, but depending on where it is located, you may need to change the box for safety reasons. If the stone chip hit in the green zone, the windscreen can be repaired. If the damage is in one of the red fields, the box must be replaced. If you have been given a stone chip in the yellow field, the Volvo Workshop will make an assessment of what is the safest solution. For safety reasons, the windscreen may also need to be replaced. Already after 15,000 miles, normal wear and tear may have significantly impaired the driver's visibility and responsiveness.

Nobody knows your Volvo better than we do

With us, your car is in safe hands. When you need to repair or replace the windscreen, your Personal Service Technician knows what methods to use for everything to work as intended. We also test that all systems work perfectly. When the adhesive hardens, we activate the calibration programs and take the car on a ride. Then the function of all systems is tested so that your Volvo is in top condition again.