We help you finance your car purchase in a way that suits your needs and your wallet. You can use the car as security on the loan and pay back and pay it off when you want. A loan at Volvo Finance is not only convenient and safe. It gives you a discount when you sign for insurance with Volvia.

No hidden fees

  • Borrow minimum SEK 10,000 up to 80% of total price 
  • Use car as security
  • Downpayment 20% of total price
  • Possibility of paying off more or everything without incurring charges
  • Variable interest rates
  • 10% discount on Volvia Insurance
  • No fees

Payment protection

When you sign a loan with Volvo Finance three months' payment protection is included without charge. Volvo Finans Låneskydd covers your car loan for up to three months in case you be affected by:

  • Unemployment
  • Hospitalisation
  • Inability to work
  • Death

From month four you can choose to extend Volvo Finance Låneskydd and then the premium is 4.5% of the loan's actual monthly cost.


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