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Discover a smarter way to refuel

As a employee at Volvo, Geely, Polestar and our partners you have many different benefits with us.

For example, you always get extra discounts when refueling with Volvo Bil benefit card or Carpay at our Tanka stations. In addition to the regular card discount of SEK 0,10 /liter that is drawn directly into the pump, you as a employee with an extra SEK 0,15* discount /liter at our Tanka stations at Sörredsmotet, Lundby, Tuve and Åbro. The extra discount is reported on the account statement / invoice. Plus, you get a 1% bonus on all your purchases - which can be used for fuel in the Carpay app. In practice, this means an additional SEK 0,16 discount / liter if a liter costs SEK 16 if you use your bonus for fuel. Bonus is paid when you reach 5000 points.

Easily pay when filling up at our stations with CarPay

  • Open the app. If you have location services turned on, the station you are at will be displayed automatically. Then log in with your BankID.
  • Select the pump and then fill up your vehicle.
  • When the tank is full, close the app. You don’t need to use a card and you’ll get your receipt directly in the app.

* In case of local deviations in the area, the discount will be at least SEK 0,03. Which means that the price is adjusted based on the competitive situation that prevails in the locality.

Make an environmentally smart choice and refuel Neste MY renewable diesel (HVO 100) - available at Sörredsmotet and Tuve Tanka station.

Neste MY is a biodegradable diesel produced from renewable raw materials, CO2 emissions are reduced compared to fossil diesel.. Emission reductions are somewhat dependent on the type of waste products and raw materials used in production. For example, if produced from vegetable or animal fats. It is chemically equivalent to fossil diesel, which allows us to blend up to 35% HVO and 7% LME in our diesel – in total up to 42% renewable diesel. Read more about Neste MY (HVO100) here.

All Volvo cars that are in production at the moment and have Volvo's own four-cylinder diesel engine can be refueled with Neste MY (HVO100) - without any adjustments having to be made.

This applies to the following models:

  • Volvo XC90 (from model year 2015)
    Volvo S90, V90, V90 Cross Country (all model years)
    Volvo V60, V60 Cross Country (from model year 2019)
    Volvo XC60 (from model year 2018)
    Volvo XC40 (all models)

Goeasy – always with service in the tank

Our 95, 98 and Diesel fuels contain GoEasy, which, through its lubricating and cleaning properties, keeps engines and fuel systems in good condition. A clean and well-lubricated engine lowers fuel consumption while also reducing emissions.

E10 as a new standard petrol

E10 is now a new standard petrol and all petrol cars manufactured after 2011 can use this fuel. As there is a higher mixture of sustainable biofuels (ethanol), greenhouse gas emissions are reduced, which is necessary to achieve our Swedish climate goals. E10 is not new and is already available in 14 other countries in Europe and also other parts of the world. A car that can only be refueled with up to 5% ethanol must be refueled with E5 petrol. At our Tanka stations, this means Go Easy 98 Extra. If you are unsure whether your car can be driven on the E10, you can check this on Bil Sweden's list.

Phone numbers

Sörredsmotet/Åbro 031-380 82 24 - Tuve 031 – 380 83 14 - Lundby 031 – 380 8152

If something urgent happens when we are closed, call the PV guard 031-59 27 79