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Good to know when it's time for a wheel change

Where do I book?
Bookings at Volvo Car Sörred, Tuve and Lundby at Volvo Car Retail did open on March 9 and the wheel change started on March 20. Book in time to ensure you get the time you want. If you have a tyre storage, you have received an invitation with a reserved time for a wheel change.

How does the wheel change work?
You arrive well in time for your booked appointment and park the car at the wheel change workshop. Place the locking nut for the wheel nuts clearly visible and find which meter stand your car has. A smooth wheel change that goes quickly where a technician drives your car in to the wheelchange and then the change is made by two technicians. While you wait, you can have a coffee inside the facility. The technician drives your car out again, you collect your key, pay and then the change is complete.

How do I know it's the right tyre pressure?
On the driver's side post in your car, you can see what tyre pressure you should have. When changing wheels, the recommended tyre pressure is always used as standard. After the car has been driven for a while, the tyre pressure may need to be calibrated again, which you can easily do yourself. Then the car must stand still when the calibration is done. Volvo cars of model year 2015 and later are equipped with TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System), which keeps track of the tyre pressure. The system sometimes needs to be calibrated, especially after a wheel change. Tyre pressure that is too low can increase fuel consumption, shorten the life of the tyres and impair the car's driving characteristics. Tyre pressure affects comfort, road noise and driving characteristics.

When is it time to change to summer tyres?
Before you change to summer tyres, you should be sure that the road conditions allow it. According to Swedish law, you must have winter tyres until and including March 31, and you may have studded tyres until and including April 15, in case of winter road conditions. "At Volvo Car Sörred, Tuve and Lundby, there are approximately 8,000 cars that we change wheels on during the period March 20 to April 28. In order to catch up with all the wheel changes, we need to start in good time, says Stefan Svensson, wheel change manager at Volvo Car Retail West."

How do I choose the right tyre?
Choosing the right tyres for your car makes your driving safer and keeps fuel consumption lower. If it's a good tyre, it's a correct mix of materials, adapted to the car model it's going to sit on and how it's being used.

Volvo - all Volvo cars manufactured from 2016 onwards are delivered with VOL marked summer tyres. These are produced specifically for each Volvo model and specially adapted. The VOL marking means that it is an original tyre that is adapted to your particular car. If you buy new tyres, these must be VOL marked to maintain the same properties. At Tuve Däckcenter there are experts on tyres if you need to buy new ones.

Polestar - upon delivery, the car is equipped with original Polestar tyres which have the marking POL on the tyre side. These tyres are carefully adapted to the car. When changing tyres, it is therefore important that the new tyres also have this marking in order to maintain the car's driving characteristics, comfort and electricity consumption.

According to Swedish law, the tread depth must not go below 1.6 mm, but in order not to risk, for example, hydroplaning and poorer braking ability, you should change to new tyres at a tread depth of 3 mm. When buying new tyres, your old tyres are taken care of and recycled. In Sweden, over 90% of old tyres are recycled.