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Volvo Cars continues to focus on safety and with new developed functions wants to continue to save lives.
But despite advanced safety features, which keep an extra eye on us and protect us, we want to put you as a driver in focus and what you can do to keep you, your family and your fellow road users as safe as possible on our roads.

Volvo XC60

A safe Volvo with a wide range of safety features designed to protect you when you need it the most.

Volvo's intelligent safety system detects and prevents collisions with other cars, pedestrians and cyclists. Like the Cross Traffic Alert that autobrakes if needed when you back out where visibility is limited. Or Lane Keeping Aid that steers your car back to the right lane if you cross a road marker without using blinkers. It also alerts you by vibrations in the steering wheel. Everything for your safety.

Read more about safety technology at Volvo Cars webbsite.

Cross traffic alert with autobrake worked when maria would back out and a pedestrian at the same time passed just behind the car

- It was in a parking lot last spring. It was in the evening and twilight, it was also quite crowded and difficult to get an overview of the traffic behind the car and I would back out from the parking. I thought I looked carefully but when I started backing, the Cross Traffic Alert hit. There was an lady passing right behind me. This is when you send a grateful thought to everyone who develops all security solutions.

Maria Hallbjörk, Care by Volvo Co-Development Sörred

If it wasn't for city safety, that drive on a dark night last fall could have been the last.

- I was on my way home, I was pretty tired and had my thoughts elsewhere. I was driving at about 70km/h and all of a sudden the car in front of me slowed down hastily. I didn't have time to react myself but City Safety did, so when the car stopped I had probably two meters left to the other car. I am grateful for the security systems that exist and that they work when it is really needed.

Robin Larsson, Personal Service Technician Sörred

Stefan talks about that drive to work that could have ended in a collision with a moose. thanks to large animal detection, it ended differently.

- I was on my way to work in Arendal, one early morning. It was still dark and suddenly it appeared, on the wrong side of the wild animal fence, that moose that was going to cross the highway. There was a sudden slowdown and warning lights started. Everything goes so fast and you wonder afterwards what really happened. But I'm glad that it's a Volvo I drove and that the built-in safety you read about actually works and saves lives.

Stefan Nilsson, Manager Arendal

As a passenger, andreas experienced how city safety rescued him and his partner from a collision with a bus.

- It was during the holidays and a sunny and nice summer day. We passed an urban area on a 70km/h road. My partner was driving and would drive past the bus that was standing along the stop, when it suddenly without warning turned into the road. Even if she had time to brake, City Safety helped to slow down so we managed without colliding. We were both a little upset afterwards. You definitely think about how quickly things happen. And we're both grateful that the car reacted so quickly.

Andreas Torvaldsson, Personal Service Technician Lundby

Read more at Volvo Cars website.