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Book service and repair

We want to be there for you when you need us. We currently have slightly shorter lead times during the day than in the evening.
If you choose "the first free time", you will be notified immediately when we can take care of your car.
Do you already have an appointment and need to rebook? Then we want to ask you to rebook your already booked time, so you do not double book.

For employees of Volvo, Geely, Polestar and our partners, you have a discount on service and workshop work. You get your discounted price when booking with your Personal Service Technician.


Make a workshop booking for service, repair, stone chip repair or windshield change.

You can also book one of our other workshop services, such as rim repair, car care, repairing small dents and more.


Make a booking request for service, repair or glass work evening at Sörred. 

Pay for your workshop visit via the Carpay app

With us, you can always split your payment in a shop and workshop over four months, interest-free and completely without fees. Good when, for example, you are buying tires or leaving the car for service. You can also split the deductible if you have your car insurance with Volvia. At Volvo Bil, you also have a 3% extra discount when paying in a workshop, shop and car rental.

Watch the film for more information.