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Other workshop services

We have many different workshop services to choose from. Below you will find a selection of these that you can book.
For questions and more information about other workshop services, please contact a Personal Service Technician.

 Some of our workshop services can only be booked at some of our facilities, see information for each service.

Rim repair

Are your rims in need of a refurbishment?

Let our experts repair your damaged Volvo Original rims.
Take the opportunity while your wheels are in our tyre hotel or if you store your wheels at home, you will get newly repaired rims when it is time to change wheels. Send a request for assessment and we will get back to you with a price and time booking. Can be booked in Tuve.

Small dents

We repair small dents caused by door openings. With the right technology, many small dents can be fixed without need for a re-paint. Bookable in Tuve.

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Upholstery repair

Repair of minor damage to upholstery on chairs, steering wheel, door panels and dashboard. Bookable in Tuve.

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MOT fault correction

We can correct any level 2 MOT faults with your car. Just leave your car with us and we'll manage the repair and you wont even need to go back for a re-test. Bring the protocol to the workshop visit. Bookable in Sörred, Tuve and Lundby.

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Car care services

Choose between our different car care packages. We have reconditioning, interior cleaning, ceramic paint protection and more. Bookable in Sörred and Tuve.

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4-wheel measurement

Means that the angles of the wheels are set correctly to avoid oblique wear of tyres and optimize driveability and reduce fuel consumption. Bookable in Sörred and Tuve.

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Sun protection film

Installation of sun protection film on windows to reduce UV radiation and heat into the car. Protects interiors from drying out and reduces loading on the AC system in the car. Bookable in Sörred, Tuve and Lundby.

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Stone chip glass

Repair stone chips in the windscreen to avoid major damage such as the window, for example. cracks and that the entire windscreen needs to be replaced. Bookable in Sörred, Tuve and Lundby.

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Headlight repair

Matte, yellowed and scratched headlight lenses impair vision and night vision. Through cleaning, polishing and do a surface treatment, the brightness and traffic safety increase. It is a climate-smart and cheaper choice than replacing the whole headlight. Bookable in Tuve and Lundby.

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Power optimization

Power optimization - Polestar Engineered Optimization to increase engine power and optimization of engine and gearbox for maximum driving pleasure. Bookable in Sörred, Tuve and Lundby.

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