Volvo on call

Control your car with the touch of a button.

Volvo On Call is our smartphone app full of clever solutions. Letting you stay in control of your car out on the road. It’s our way of making your life a little less complicated.

Control your car

Access your car’s instrument panel and find out your door lock status, fuel levels, service warnings and much, much more.

Driving journal

Log your start and end points, journeys, times and fuel consumption and download detailed data to Excel.

Find your car

Show where your car is on a map and get directions or make it toot its horn or put its hazard lights on so you can find it quickly.

Lock your car

Lock or unlock your car remotely. You can even check if doors and windows open or closed.

With the Volvo on call app you can even control the climate in your car from your smartphone. Just one of many examples of life’s little luxuries that a Volvo brings.

Parking heater

Preheat your engine or warm up your Volvo’s cabin without starting your diesel engine. (Requires factory installed heater.)

Start your engine from a distance

Start your Volvo up to 15 minutes before driving away, and control your climate system remotely to cool or warm up the cabin. (Available on certain models/engines.)

Plug-in hybrids

Get more functions for plug-in hybrids. Set your timer to heat or cool your car, display battery status, preinstall charge points and more.

We send you assistance, whether you’ve got a puncture or run out of fuel or been involved in an accident.

Roadside assistance

Push the Volvo On Call button or use the mobile app to speak to an operator who can send assistance to your GPS position.

Emergency support

Push the SOS button in you need immediate help in an emergency situation.

Auto crash alert

When a collision is registered your Volvo notifies an operator who can contact the vehicle send emergency help if necessary.

Theft warning and tracking

Using GPS and GSM technologies your Volvo On Call can act as an important tool if you are the victim of car theft. It can also come to your rescue if you lose car keys. You can get help with these functions by contacting Volvo On Call’s customer service.


In order to use the Volvo On Call app, your car must be factory fitted with Volvo On Call, which comes as standard on 2012 models and on. The functions may differ depending on which year model you own. Download the app in your smartphone app store.


If you need help getting started with Volvo On Call, create your app account so you can access our support section and find the answers you need.