Volvo Original Service

Volvo Original Service

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Volvo Assistance

Volvo Assistance

When you buy a new Volvo a year's free assistance is always included. If anything unexpected happens out on the road we are ready to help you. 24 hours a day, every day, all year round.

  • Year's free assistance
  • Help 24/7
  • Covers Western Europe

A friend on the road

You can get Volvo Assistance for free for up to eleven years. All you need to do is a yearly Volvo Original Service at one of Volvo's authorised workshop. Then your Volvo Assistance is automatically renewed.

  • Volvo Assistance
  • One of best assistance packages on market
  • Free with yearly Volvo Original Service

Just a phone call away

Put these numbers to Volvo Assistance in your phone. So you always have them to hand. Home or away.