Volvo Personal Service

When you book Volvo Personal Service with us, your car will be ready faster - at no additional cost. While two technicians work on the car, you can wait in our comfortable lounge where we offer both coffee and wifi. You book a fixed time and you can choose between waiting in our lounge or picking up the car at the end of the day. As usual, it is your Personal Service Technician who receives and leaves your car. Welcome to our VPS facilities in Torslanda, Tuve, Arendal and Lundby.

Personal Service Technician

With a Volvo Personal Service Technician, you always have an expert at hand. A specialist who gets to know you and your car and knows what it takes to keep it working as you expect. Comfortable for you and important for your car to roll safely and securely. Log in and select a Volvo Personal Service Technician near you.

Someone who knows your car and knows what it needs

When you leave your car with us, your Personal Service technician will receive you. He or she is specially trained by Volvo and always performs service and repairs according to Volvo's specifications and with Volvo Original parts. Everything for your car to roll safely.

A contact person takes care of everything

Having a person in charge of the whole process makes your workshop visit easier, faster and more personal. Your Personal Service Technician receives your booking, performs the work, is responsible for receipt and delivery, and answers questions about the service or repairs performed.

Right methods and always Volvo genuine parts

Volvo Bil has about 75 Personal Service Technicians in Gothenburg, all of whom are specially trained to take care of you and your car. The training provides insight and understanding of what affects your experience and how to do it to ensure a high quality in the service process. The result is that you as a customer always get the best possible service.

Clear and simple

The purpose of a Personal Service Technician is to make your visit to the Volvo Workshop easy and carefree. Because one person always takes care of your car, the risk of misunderstanding decreases. Your technician gets to know your car better than anyone else and knows what it needs. Also next time it's time for service.