Volvo Selekt

Volvo Selekt

With Volvo Selekt you have the same guarantee and which is handled in the same way as a new car guarantee. The Volvo Selekt cars also include 24 months of Volvo assistance and 24 months of Volvo On Call. In addition, Volvo Selekt certified cars are younger than 5 years and have undergone a thorough inspection to create the best used quality possible, this means that Volvo Selekt cars often have a higher condition and standard than a regular pre-owned Volvo.

  • Age: Maximum 5 years
  • Maximum 100,000 km.
  • 24 month/30,000 km warranty*.
  • 24 months of Volvo assistance.
  • 24 months of Volvo on call**.

*Applies from the date of delivery. Local variations may occur. **24 month subscription free-of-charge for cars fitted with Volvo On Call.

Benefits with Volvo Selekt

New car warranty

Volvo Selekt has the same warrantys as when the car was new for a full 24 months or 30 000 km.* In addition, Volvo Assistance is included, help around the clock.

*In order for the warranty to apply, service must be done at an authorized Volvo workshop according to the car's service intervals. The warranty expires on resale.

Volvo Cars App

Our smartphone app makes everyday life a little easier. For example, you can remotely control the climate in your car and you can quickly and easily get Volvo Assistance.

Volvo Assistans

As an extra security, Volvo Assistance is included for 24 months. This means that we promise to help you as soon as you have problems with your car. Around the clock and in all Western European countries.

Volvo original service

At our workshops, your car is serviced with careful methods, by a Personal Service Technician who has special training on Volvo cars and who only uses Volvo original parts. The reason is simple: it makes your Volvo better - and will work longer. And that you get a car ownership that is comfortable, safe and financially smart.

The right of exchange

You always have a 30-day exchange right when you buy a car from Volvo Selekt. For more information or help with your car change, you are welcome to contact the one you bought the car from.

Controlled and certified

Our cars are always carefully inspected. We go through over 100 points to check the condition of the car. In addition, we update the car's software to ensure the best possible driving experience.