Volvo Service Agreement

From the moment you buy a new Volvo you can sign a service plan that makes your car more desirable and gives a higher secondhand value when it is time to sell. The security of buying a used car where everything works like new is something most buyers are prepared to pay extra for. Talk to your Sales Advisor about service plans when you buy your car. If you would like to sign a service agreement later you fill out the form below. For those who buy a car from us that has a mileage below 10,000 km, service contracts for SEK 1 / month are included in the first 12 months. Read more here whats included in the service agreement.

Fill out the form below regarding service agreements and we will contact you with price and more information as soon as possible.

  • Registration of interest for service agreement

    Volvo Bil i Göteborg AB will process your personal data in accordance to the Information Notice - Service agreement.

Service- and repair agreement

With a service- and repair agreement you structure payments for maintenance costs for your new car. Then you just pay awn agreed amount every month for service, change of worn-out parts and repairs. You avoid both bills after workshop visits and unplanned expenses.

To get a service- and repair agreement you need a Volvo card.

Here, you can read more about service- and repair agreement.