Wheels and tyres

Wheel change

We strive to be a sustainable company and want our employees to have a clean and good working environment. We would therefore appreciate if you wash your car before submitting it for a wheel change. Feel free to choose one of Volvo Bil's environmentally friendly washes, which is close to the workshop.

Before your wheel change, we want you to help us with the following

  • Place the locking nut on the wheel nuts clearly visible
  • Find the meter stand in Volvo on Call
  • To calibrate tire pressure

The wheel change is over for the season. If you haven´t had time to change your wheels, it´s possible to book a workshop visit instead.

Correct tyre pressure

It is important to check that you have the correct tire pressure.

Too low tyre pressure increases fuel consumption, shortens tire life and impairs the car's driving characteristics. Driving with too low tyre pressure means that the tyres can become overheated and damaged. Tire pressure affects ride comfort, road noise and driving characteristics.

Volvo cars of year model 2015 and later are all equipped with TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System), which keeps an eye on your tire pressure. The system needs to be calibrated from time to time.

Please look for the information below about "tire monitoring (TM)" for your Volvo so that you have the correct tire pressure. Also if you need instruktions for kalibration.

Tuve tyre center

At Tuve tyre center you will find our largest assortment of new and reconditioned tyres and wheels.

Our current range depends on supply and demand. You can get the best deal by coming in to see us. Our tyre experts will help you! If you have any questions please call us at 031 - 380 82 10

Find us

Keep your tires at a storage

Now we have built more space in our tire storage let us take care of your wheels and tires. You save both space and your back.

You can store your wheels at our tire storages in Arendal, Tuve, Lundby and Torslanda.

For questions call our telephone switch 031-380 80 00.

Vol-marked tires

Volvo cars built on SPA and CMA platforms from In 2016, tires were developed and tested to optimize the characteristics of each specific model. It guarantees the car's features in terms of comfort, grip, acceleration and braking ability.

The tires are an integral part of the road holding system and contribute to the performance of the driveline and chassis. The tires affect the car's ability to get a grip, accelerate, slow down and provide a comfortable driving experience on dry, wet, slippery or uneven surfaces that can vary from asphalt to gravel.

It is therefore very important that when tires are changed at e.g. puncture or wear is replaced by a similar VOL-marked tire.


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