"Variety and challenges are two things I want to be included in my working day and as a Personal Service Technician (PST) I get a big dose of both.

After my education as a technician at Motorbranschens Tekniska Gymnasium (MTG), I got a place as a trainee at Volvo Bil. Now I have worked for a couple of years as a PST and I really enjoy it. It is varied and fun with a lot of contact with customers and to get to troubleshoot is a bit of a detective work from time to time. But that's what makes it so fun. The fact that it is an industry that is developing rapidly means that there are always opportunities for personal development both within Volvo Bil and Volvo Cars."


"I have been at Volvo Bil for many years and had different roles. I started my career as a reconditioner and today I am responsible for the delivery of our company cars.

I think it's great to work in an environment where every day is different from the previous one and where I get the chance to help employees develop in their respective careers. Here ideas become reality and best of all; if you put your best foot forward, you have every opportunity for a long and exiting journey on Volvo Bil and Volvo Cars."


"My journey as a leader at Volvo Bil has just taken off. I work as a manager in the repair shop where we have a body shop and paint shop and repair vehicles that have suffered body damage - a very exciting environment where our co-managers are truly craftsmen.

I have worked for a long time within Volvo Cars in various roles, but one of the reasons I took the opportunity to take on a new role at Volvo Bil was to lead and provide the conditions for people to develop in their respective professional roles. Another important and challenging part is to operate in an environment where daily contact with the customer is central. To get the chance to directly affect customer care, what a thing. "


"There were two things that I grew up with and that were my great interests. One was handball and the other was to tinker with cars. The latter meant that I chose to study as a technician in high school. Said and done; immediately after graduation I got a job at Volvo Bil and I have never checked the rear view mirrors since then.

From being a technician in our workshop and instructor in India to coach and business developer. For me it has been vital to get the chance in different professional roles and I am pleased that this opportunity is given here. We are on a great journey here at Volvo Cars and Volvo Bil. If you choose to take on a challenge with us, you will not be disappointed."