That's what it's like to work at Volvo Bil

How nice that you want to know more about us at Volvo Bil. Just over 500 people works in our workshops, offices and in our stores. Here you can read more about Volvo Bil, why it is so exciting to work with us and what benefits we offer for you as an employee. The automotive industry is facing a fast changing future. Electrification, autonomous driving, new ways of mobility, online sales and connected services are trends that we influence and also are affected by. Change the future of mobility and car sales with us.

A sustainable working life

We all spend a lot of our time at work. Having a good work-life balance, a working environment that promotes creativity and our well-being is something really important to us. The foundation of your working life should be sustainable over time. Meeting with colleagues who engage, motivate and promote a good climate also makes us feel good.

Our culture

At Volvo Bil, the culture is something we are proud of. That all employees understand and live by a culture of curiosity, a willingness to cooperate and a desire to make a difference. When meeting with customers and colleagues, we act in a personal and committed way. We cooperate across departmental boundaries and generously share our knowledge. We contribute to a sustainable development with a focus in quality. In everything we do, we put the customer first and are available to our customers when they need us.

Our leadership

For us leadership is about inspiring and supporting people. A management culture based on openness, fairness and dialogue. Our leaders will bring out the best in our employees and support them in meeting new challenges.

Our diversity

We strive to find and attract people who each with their unique abilities and qualities contributes to a creative environment. That each of us participates in the development of both our colleagues and for the company. Our differences are our strength.

Our climate plan

We attempt to constantly reduce our footprint on the environment and to move towards being climate neutral. Our sustainability work ranges from product and production, to our supply chain and through our strategy for recycling and reuse of materials.