Quick and easy

Volvia Insurance

Volvo Insurance specializes in Volvo. Insurance made for your car. Take advantage of our discounts. Come in and talk with us. Let us take care of your car. Or send a mail. We are here to help you.

Quick and easy repairs

We help you whatever happens. You can make a damage claim direct on Volvia's website or through their app. And if your car needs repairing then our Damage Center in Tuve will see to it that it is quickly back in top shape. Of course we use only Volvo Original Parts.

  • Quick repairs
  • Volvo Bil Damage Center
  • Volvo Original Parts

Stone chip repairs

If you get a stone chip impact then it is important to get it fixed quick the the damage does not get worse. We can fix it of course at Volvo Bil.

  • Stone chip repair - 100 Kr
  • Change to new windscreen - 1600 Kr
  • Quick and easy

Machine and electronics insurance

Modern cars are full of electronics and active safety systems. Volvia Machine and Electronics Insurance gives you the best protection on the market for this type of damage. Visit us, email or call, and we will tell you more.

  • Volvia Insurance
  • Complete cover formMachine and electronics damage
  • Safe and sound

Spread out your payments

With the Volvo Bil Benefits Card you can easily spread out your payments for everything you buy with the card. Including your car insurance. Read more and apply under Volvo Card.

  • Spread out payments
  • No surprises
  • Volvo Bil Benefits Card


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