Information regarding the Coronavirus

Volvo Bil's actions

How does Volvo Bil work to prevent the spread of infection and maintain the safety of both customers and employees?

We postpone our events and other major activities at our facilities. We have expanded the cleaning and spread out the seating possibilities in our lounges. Offering fika for the coffee is a customer promise we are currently allowed to forgo.

Other measures are that our technicians now use, as extra effort, gloves besides, as always, floor protection, steering wheel protection and chair protection. We also try to keep a certain distance between us for everyone's health and have developed new routines for, among other things, the delivery of cars.

Through information in both customer letters and here on our website we hope that our efforts will help us through this period.

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If you have received damage to your car and need a damage inspection, you can easily submit your application together with photos of the damage with the "Volvia" app. We will then contact you for further processing.  Volviaappen


Volvo Bil offers cars to the healthcare during the Corona pandemic

In collaboration with Volvo Cars, we will make over 300 cars available for medical care. The cars will be used, among other things, for home visits to patients, to transport medical materials and support Röda korset.

The need for transport in healthcare has increased as a consequence of Corona pandemic. People who are at risk and who are encouraged to stay at home can instead be visited at home by doctors and healthcare teams, and many are dependent on getting food and medicine supplies to the door. In addition, a large number of new intensive care units are being built, where medical materials and medical equipment need to be transported. We are in a position where everyone can help, which is why we control these cars as long as the need exists. The effort is a collaboration with the non-profit organization

Read more about We Fight Covid here

Your support is more important than ever

With the rapid spread of the corona virus, we have more than ever an important role to play in protecting children at risk. The consequences for these children are far more than medical and financial. For each Volvo sold, a sum goes to Childhood.

Read more about how you can contribute: Childhood.

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