The Volvo Range

current Models

Volvo XC90

The XC 90 is a giant step into the future. But also a return to our roots in safety, technology and Swedish craftsmanship.

Volvo V90 CrossCountry

Superior comfort, design, safety and road handling make this a car for every road surface, no matter how demanding.

Volvo V90

The Volvo station wagon is one of the icons of the car world. The new Volvo V90 makes it more beautiful than ever.

Volvo S90

The lines of the new S90 give a Swedish take on modern luxury. Natural Scandinavian materials combine prestige with precision. Giving you luxury and design in perfect harmony.

New Volvo XC60

The new XC60 has an attitude all of its own. It combines elegance with powerful looks. An SUV Made By Sweden.

Volvo V60 CrossCountry

The V60 XC's raised frame and large wheels will see you safely through any journey. But it handles just as well as the standard V60. Giving you a car that rules the road in Scandinavian summers and in winters.

Volvo V60

The V60 is all about driving experience and performance. All with unbelievably low fuel consumption.

Volvo S60

The S60 combines a sophisticated suspension system with razor sharp handing qualities. Optional  gear shift paddles mean you don't have to take a hand off the wheel for a second.


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