Optimise your driving experience

Polestar Performance and Polestar Peformance Parts

Polestar performance

Our optimization for DRIVE-E engines is the result of the comprehensive development of five critical performance areas. Together they make a complete performance package that takes driving to another level.

With more then 20 years of experience of track racing the world over Polestar has conquered pole position in terms of performance. Our team makes use of everything we’ve learnt on the racing track in order to create products that improve your driving experience.

The result is better torque, more power output, quicker response time but without increased running costs.

Throttle response

Throttle response has been calibrated respond more quickly to driver acceleration — perfect for overtaking or active driving on winding roads.

Acceleration pedal response

The engine and gearbox have been calibrated to redpond more quickly when the driver suddenly releases the accelerator. Which makes the car behave more predictably and increases control.

Faster gear changes

Gear change speed has been improved on the automatic gearbox, which means the car accelerates faster and responds more quickly to the driver’s commands.


We are now releasing a whole new range of high performance products that are developed for the racing track. You give your car its own special style at the same time as you take your driving experience to the next level. Polestar Performance Parts are Volvo Original Parts with the same high standards as all our other products. This ensures the perfect fit and finish, and no impact on the Volvo factory warranty. Polestar Performance Parts are available for Volvo V40, S60, V60 and XC60 from 2016 or later with DRIVE-E engines. Packages may vary depending car model.

S60, V40, V60, XC60

Black door mirrors

Give your car a sporty look and feel.

S60, V40, V60, XC60

Coil springs

5-23 mm shorter than standard.

S60, V40, V60, XC60

Gear knob

Available for both manual and automatic gearbox.

S60, V40, V60, XC60

Door sills

Step into your cabin in Polestar style.

S60, V40, V60, XC60

Complete wheel package

Polestar’s unique rims (V40, S60 och V60: 19”, XC60: 21”) are developed for increased stiffness and reduced unsprung weight, two critical factors for a new level of driving experience. The complete wheel package comes with Bridgestone Potenza S001, a high performance tire for both wet and dry road conditions.

S60, V40, V60, XC60

Sport pedals

Designed to give the driver better grip and precision.

S60, V40, V60, XC60

Sports air filter

Increases performance, gives better airflow to the engine and a sportier engine sound.

S60, V40, V60, XC60

Stainless steel exhaust

Enhances exhaust noise and appearance.

S60, V40, V60, XC60

Shock absorbers

15-25% harder than standard.

S60, V40, V60, XC60

Rear diffuser

Designed to create effective airflow under the car. Gives the rear of the car a more aggressive and sporty look and increases ground pressure. But this diffuser doesn’t only give benefits at high speed. It is a perfect fit for Polestar’s stainless steel exhaust, which is given more space to be both seen and heard.

S60, V40, V60, XC60

Rear spoiler

Increases ground pressure at high speed.

S60, V60, XC60

Lower door panel

Black door panels enhance the sporty look and feel of your car.

S60, V60


Stiffen the car’s chassis.


Black boot handle

Together with the black door mirrors and panels gives your car a more sporty look and feel.


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