Volvo in-car delivery

Order online and get deliveries direct to your car.

Volvo In-car Delivery

Order online and have your goods delivered to your car. Volvo In-car Delivery makes ordering easy.

Saves your time

Volvo is first out in offering deliveries direct to your car.

Volvo really delivers

This is how it works: You order goods from stores that offer In-car Delivery. Then we create a digital key for a one-off delivery, so the order handler can open your car, load your goods into your trunk and lock it again. All done and super safe!

  • Order online
  • Select deliver to car
  • Safe and convenient

You save time

Let In-car Delivery do your shopping and save time for you. The car is loaded and ready when you are ready to leave. No stops to make on the way home.

  • Car is loaded and ready
  • Time over for you
  • Go straight home

Make life easy

Order your goods online. The order handler loads your car. You get confirmation via SMS or email. Then you just drive straight home.

  • Place your order
  • Receive confirmation
  • Just drive straight home

Tailored to your needs

In-Car Delivery can be tailored to your needs. Choose delivery locations for your goods. Save them if you might want more deliveries to the same place later. Select date and time. Then In-Car Delivery does the rest. Can’t find a parking spot? Don’t worry. The system will find your car up to a kilometre from the delivery location.

  • Save delivery locations
  • Choose delivery time

Who can use In-car Delivery?

In-car Delivery works with all Volvo models from 2012 and on. Volvo On Call includes In-car Delivery at no extra cost. Register on the portal right now! You will find all the info you need there. You can complete and save your orders there too. Reach the portal by pressing the Volvo On Call button.

  • Free with Volvo On Call
  • Save your orders

Is it safe?

Just as safe as a Volvo! Your goods are losed in the trunk. And Volvo insures your order, so you are completely protected if anything should happen.

  • Safe delivery
  • All orders insured

Digital One-off Key

Volvo are experts in remote locking systems and our On Call technology is very safe. We create a one-off key for every delivery. The key can only be used to unlock and lock the car. The engine cannot be started. The key is invalid immediately after use.

  • Volvo safety guarantee
  • One-off digital key
  • Engine cannott be started

Groceries that stay fresh

Groceries are delivered in special bags developed by to keep the contents cool and fresh. Even child goods stay fresh for several hours. The bags are environmentally friendly and recyclable.

  • Super groceries
  • Recyclable bags


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