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Car, minibus or van?

If you are working at Volvo Cars or the Volvo Group you can rent a car, minibus or van from us at a favorable rate. What do you need? See out range and our contact details in the price list.

Weekend rentals from 995 Kr

Volvo V40 form Friday to Monday

Hire a Volvo V40 for a whole weekend for just 995 Kr. From Friday to Monday morning you can have a stylish and comfortable V40. With free mileage.

Rent a vehicle

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  • Corporate

    Rental - Company payment

    Name and Address
    10 digits
    Company details
    Rental car replacement for Company car: The driver will unfortunately be taxed for the Month, in which he collects the car, regardless of date.
  • Private

    Rental - private payment

    Name and address
    Company details

Reach us on 031-380 8262 or via email,

For the appeal for damage reports, do so by e-mail, 


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