Damage process

Damage process

This is what happens. We carry out a damage inspection before repairs. Is Volvia your insurance company? If yes, then you can do a photo inspection. So you do not need to visit us. We check the pictures and get back to you with a repair proposal.

At Volvo Bil Damage Center

If you cannot drive your car you need to get it towed to us. We will get in touch as soon as we have carried out a damage inspection. Do not forget to send in a damage claim to your insurance company straight as soon as possible. Preferably before the inspection. So everything goes quicker...

Who do you call?

If an unknown third party caused the damage then you must file a police report. Call the police straight away. Then you can book a damage inspection with us or do a photo inspection via Volvia's mobile app. 

If more than one party is involved then both have to sign the damage report claim. Call us with any questions about what you have to do. Telephone switch: 031-380 80 00

Damage repair can take some time, with many time-consuming stages. Would you like to know more? Have a look at this overview:

Report damage from your mobile!

If Volvia is your insurance company and you have the Volvo app then you can make your claim digitally. You simply send in one or more pictures of the damage. This speeds up the whole process. Open the Volvia and take a picture of the damage and follow the instructions.

Discover Volvia's App

Apart from the damage claim there is a lot more to the app. Find a workshop, contact details, travelling abroad. Child on board. You can buy and update your insurance. Download the app here:


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