Volvo Original Service

Volvo Original Service

Let us take care of your car. Then you know that it is maintained according to Volvo's specifications and that all parts that are changed are Volvo Original. No-one knows Volvo better than Volvo.

We know our cars

Service on a new level

We tailor our service after your needs as well as your car's. The better we get to know each other, the better service we can give. What do you need?

Better than anyone

Other workshop services

We change tires

We don’t just change your tires. We do everything to make sure you roll away from us in top condition. We change your tires in 15 minutes if you make an appointment.

We repair glass

If you get stone chip damage we can fix it up quick. We mend cracks up to 15 main your line of vision and up to 25 mm outside the driver's line of sight.

Or change windscreen

If your screen has to be changed we can of course do that too.

Call Volvo Support 24/7

We are here whenever you call. With help from Volvo Support. And if we cannot answer right away then we will call back the next day. Telephone: 020-94 80 80

stay updated

Volvo is continuously developing and improving your car's software so it work at its best. When you service your car with us we optimize the climate control, engine and driver information system. Moreover we update your car's central control unit as well as its passive security system.

Spoil your car

Keep your Volvo in top condition so it gives back the max. Our specialists have the experience, the knowledge and the tools needed.

Volvo Assistance

When you opt for Volvo Original Service automatically your Volvo Assistance agreement is automatically renewed. After the first service you can get up to a further ten years of free cover.

Personal Service technician

Your personal service technician knows everything there is to know about your car and can help you with most things. From service and repairs to change of tires.

Rental car

When your car is in the workshop you can very easily hire another from us. As a customer at Volvo Bil you always get a low, fixed price.


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