Volvo pre-owned cars

A Volvo pre-owned car is an affordable and safe alternative to a brand new car. Most of the Volvo pre-owned we sell are between one and two years old and have low mileage. Quality, safety and environmental performance meet the high requirements of Volvo original standards.

Moreover, almost all our pre-owned cars are now Selekt.

Volvo Selekt

Volvo Selekt both looks and feels like a brand new Volvo, but at the price of a used car. All Volvo Selekt cars are selected and certified by us. They have undergone extensive quality checks and provide you with safety, comfort and quality.

New car feel

Our goal is that your Volvo pre-owned feels like a brand new car. That's why we recondition and service all our cars to Volvo original standards before delivery. Which one will you choose? Search here on the website or visit our showroom. See you there!

  • New car feel
  • Attractive prices
  • Browse cars online

A safe choice

Volvo pre-owned are normally company cars or demo models. They normally come with a well equipped and with low mileage. And they are always serviced to Volvo original standards so they are in tip-top shape, and you can feel safe.

  • Company cars or demo models
  • Well equipped
  • Low mileage


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