Volvo Bil

For Volvo employees only.

Our business

Volvo Bil i Göteborg AB is a freestanding limited company that is run as a profit generating entity and is fully owned by Volvo Personavgnar AB. Volvo Bil can be compared with other dealerships or resellers, but serves a market consisting of Volvo employees, Svensk Volvohandel, AB Volvo and Hertz. We provide employees at VCC and AB Volvo with company cars and even the opportunity to buy private cars at a favourable price. Every year, we sell over 25,000 cars of our trademark Volvo.

Complete range

Volvo Bil has expanded and developed considerably over the years and the organisation consist of over approx 350 employees today. Volvo Bil consist of several operational divisions including car sales, car rentals and service market (workshop, damage center, store sales as well as fuel and wash). Our four workshops, Volvo Torslanda, Arendal, Lundby and Tuve, handle more than 66,00 cars per year and have 115 mechanics and technicians available day and night. Our rental fleet consists of 410 cars in various sizes and models and we have approx 11,000 rentals per year. Our stores are situated in Volvo Torslanda, Lundby and Tuve where we offer a large selection and an in-demand range.

Let us take you on a journey. To find the Northern Star.

Whatever you need

We sell new Volvos and lease company cars. And we offer cars that are new and pre-owned. Of course, all our cars are Volvo tested and under Volvo warranty. So you know you are getting quality and safety.

High standards

We take care of you and your car wherever you go with Volvo Assistance. We service your car to Volvo Original standards. So if anything should ever go wrong we are ready to put it right.

At Volvo Bil

So come in and meet our friendly staff. Of course you can log in to our site direct. Or you will find us in Torslanda, Arendal, Lundby and Tuve. We are just five - ten minutes from central Gothenburg.


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