Facelift in Tuve delivery hall

The past weeks we have renovated our delivery hall, which is now finally ready. We have made better space for the cars, built lighter offices and furnished with luxury furniture for you as a customer before the delivery of your new benefit car. We have also mounted new inner ceilings and layed new floors.

From here, we deliver about 30 new cars every day. Now it's more fun to welcome the customers when it's so fresh!

Welcome to Tuve wishes Leif Söderquist and his colleagues on the delivery.


Jacob and Abel is happy with the new investment on VPS.

New way of working in Tuve

A new way of working is being implemented at Volvo Bil Tuve, called VPS (Volvo Personal Service). In the course of a year, we will begin the transformation at all our workshops.

The idea of ​​the work method is to go from working individually to working in teams. A VPS team consists of six to eight technicians where you work two and two on the same car to minimize customer waiting time. Other positive effects are better cooperation, faster dissemination of expertise among the technicians and a greater responsibility within the group to solve problems, which in turn generates higher customer satisfaction.

With VPS and a new workshop in the next year, we get space with even more technicians. If you are interested, you´re welcome with your application today as recruitment is ongoing.


XC60 Moments at Volvo Bil

You have probable heard about the photo exhibition shot and curated by Pulitzer and Emmy award-winning photographer, Barbara Davidson. Using Volvo’s advanced City Safety camera, the exhibition gives a glimpse of life through the eyes of the new Volvo XC60, paying a tribute to the people it is designed to protect.

This weekend, selected parts of the exhibition will be at display at Volvo Bil as well as the XC60 itself. You will also get the opportunity to do a test drive of the car.


Here we go!

Most of us have enjoyed a peaceful holiday but not our builders. At our new facility, they´ve worked hard and now you can clearly see how stylish Volvo Bil Torslanda will be.

Volvo Bil is entering an exciting and fun autumn with many projects and we will start telling you about our everyday life here.

Most of us are back from vacation now and from next week, all our departments are back to regular opening hours.

We are loaded - so all Volvo employees, lets do this!


New facility in Torslanda

Volvo Bil is growing and building for the future. In spring 2018 we will open our new large plant in Torslanda. The new facility will contain both Volvo Bil City and Volvo Bil Sales Hall.

New and old customers are welcome!



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