Wheel change

To think about at the wheel change

  • Place the locking nut to the wheel nuts clearly visible
  • Develop the meter stand in Volvo on Call
  • Calibrate tire pressure after your wheel change

We have a large customer flow and we do everything we can to keep up the time and would therefore appreciate that you are well in time for your wheel change

Wheel change prices

  • Service Agreement (Benefit) - Included
  • Volvo Bil Benefits Card - 309 kr incl. VAT/season
  • Other cards - 319 kr incl. VAT/season

Prices tire hotel

  • Volvo Bil Benefits Card - 559 kr incl. VAT/season
  • Other cards - 576 kr incl. VAT/season

The prices for wheel change are for privately owned Volvo Cars and the prices for tire hotel are for everyone.

Premium services we offer our tire hotel customers

  • Wheel wash 100 kr - High pressure cleaning with hot water
  • Reconditioning 500 kr - Degreasing, high pressure cleaning, cleaning with brush and shampoo and a final finish with tire gloss.


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