Workshop services

Workshop Services

Our services give you worry free car ownership. Look through our range and choose the ones you can benefit from.

A good deal

It is always a win-win situation being a customer at Volvo Bil. Use your Volvo Bil Benefits Card at out filling stations, workshops and in our stores.

Simple and easy

Browse around our stores. Buy branded goods, accessories and spare parts. Always under warranty.

Personal service technician

With us you get a personal service technician who takes care of your car.

Book service

Book your next service right now. Log in and fill in your details. We will send confirmation via email.

We fix your car

The Volvo Bil Damage Center in Tuve will help you with with minor and major repairs.

Keep you on track

You can buy new and used tires and wheels at all our sites. The biggest range is at Tuve Tire Center. If you need tire storage then we can do that too.

We fix your windscreen

Have you had stone chip damage? Contact us right away at our customer center 031-380 8000. We will repair your windscreen, so you do not have to change it.


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