We take care of your car. And you can hire another while we do...

If an accident happens

  • Is anyone else involved?
  • Fill in as detailed a damage claim as possible.
  • make sure both parties sign the front sheet.
  • call the police if you cannot agree whose fault it is.

What to do next?

You can send in the damage claim yourself. Or we can help you come in to have the damage inspected. Minor damage can be reported over the phone.

We care for your car.

If you cannot drive your car

Contact Volvo Assistance on 020 – 55 55 66.

Important to remember

Bring your damage claim number when you come in for an inspection. Or confirmation from your insurance company iof you have that. You do require a police report reference if theft, a break-in or an accident involving wild animals has occured.

At the inspection

We will help you to fill in your damage claim for your insurance company. If you are unsure of anything call our telephone switch: 031 - 380 80 00


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