Service at a fixed monthly cost. It’s nice and easy.

Quick Fix Repairs

quick fix repairs

We have new technology so we can push out dents from inside the car. We use special tools. So we don’t use filler or paint. So you pay less for your repair. And it’s super quick. We have your back. So get in touch. So we can fix you up! Top tech at top prices.

and Spot repairs

Spot repair is a new tech in paint. It is for minor paintwork damage. Spot repair repairs only effected areas. It hits the spot!

Let us take you on a journey. To find the Northern Star.

Faster cheaper greener

It’s quick. You save money. It’s both faster and cheaper than before. But it’s also greener.

We fix you up!

We fix scratches and scrapes. Dents and marks. Bumpers and fenders. You get your car back the same day. We fix you up! Faster cheaper greener stronger!

at Volvo Bil

Book direct in our online booking system. Just follow the link below. Nice and easy.

Call us 24/7

We’re here for you whenever you call. We answer questions about Volvo Original Service any time of day. And if we can’t answer immediately. Then we’ll get back to you the following day.

stay updated

Computers do most of the work in cars these days. And they like updates so they can do their thing. So Volvo develops and improves car software all the time. We want your Volvo to be at its. Hassle free at Volvo Bil.

care for your car

Treat your Volvo! Because you own it! Do your car a service! And make it shine like new. Our specialists are craftsmen. We have Volvo experience, Volvo knowledge and Volvo tools. Talk to us about what we can offer.

Renew your assistance

So Volvo Original Service automatically renews your Volvo Assistance. No extra charge. Hassle free. So you can get up to ten years of free cover. That’s right. You’ve got it covered! Here’s some of what it covers:

Your own technician

At Volvo Bil you get a personal service technician. And they know everything there is to know about your car. So they can answer your questions straight away. Whether it’s a service, a repair or quick tire change. You get the same one-on-one treatment.

and courtesy car

So we think you shouldn’t have to worry about being without a car while yours is serviced. So we’ve made it super easy for you to hire another while yours is in the shop. You get a rental car at a fixed discounted rate.


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