Personal Service

Personal Service Technician

With a Personal Service Technician you always have an expert close at hand. A specialist who gets to know your car and knows what it needs so that it can keep on working as you expect. Convenient for you and important so your car can stay safe and sound.

Someone who knows your car and what it needs

When you leave your car with us it is your Personal Service Technician that will receive you. He or she are specially trained by Volvo and always carry out a service or repairs according to Volvo specifications and with Volvo Original Parts.

One contact who deals with everything

Having one person who is responsible for the entire process makes your workshop visit simpler, faster and more personal. Your Personal Service Technician takes your booking, carries out the work, is responsible for receiving and delivery as well as answering any questions about the service or repairs that have been done.

The correct methods and Volvo Original parts

Volvo Bil has approx 50 Personal Service Technicians in Gothenburg who are all specially trained to take care of you and your car. The training gives insight and understanding of what affects your experience and how they can guarantee a high level of quality iin the service process. The result is that you as a customer always get the best imaginable service.

Clear and simple

The reason why we have Person Service Technicians is so that your visit to the Volvo workshop is simple and trouble free. By always having the same person deal with your car the risk of any misunderstanding is reduced. Your technician gets to know your car better than anyone and knows what it needs. Even the next time it is time for a service.


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