A little damage doesn't have to cost a lot to repair.

Fix dents without repainting!

We use a new technology that makes it possible to push out dents from the inside. We use special tools. Not paint, no filler. You pay less for your repair and it gots quick. Contact us and we'll fix it. The best price for the best technology.

Stain removal

Quicker, cheaper, more environmentally friendly stain remover is a new technology we use on minor damage. It only targets the damaged area. Small tears and holes in upholstery can also be repaired. In most cases.

We care for your car...

Quick, cheap, environmentally friendly

Repair a car seat or door panel? It's much quicker, simpler and cheaper than changing. And you're saving the environment.

We fix the lot

We take care of scratches and tears. Dents and paint damage. Rims, interiors, seats and instrument panels. All through smart, cost effective technology.

At Volvo Bil

Book a damage inspection direct here on the web. You choose day and time. When it suits you.


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