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The key to a simpler everyday

The Key to a Simpler Everyday


Your car is an important part of your everyday life, and here at Volvo we are continuously developing smart new solutions to make things easier for you as a Volvo owner. Volvo Service to-car is our concierge service which includes vehicle pick-up and delivery and/or car washing, washer fluid filling together with refuelling while you work. We pick your car up from where it is parked, perform the services, and then drive your car back to you, with no disruption to your daily routine. Using a digital one-time key, we are able to pick up and drop off your vehicle without you needing to be there.

Service to-car is available for Volvos with model years 2012 and later with an active Volvo On Call. You need to have Volvo On Call, Volvo ID, In Car Delivery and CarPay installd befor booking.

Clean Car Service

Volvo Service to-car is our concierge service which includes vehicle pick-up and delivery and car washing, washer fluid filling together with refuelling, while you work.

Pick-up and delivery

Volvo Service to-car is our concierge service which includes vehicle pick-up and delivery when you have an appointment at our workshop. You book the pick-up and delivery service after your service booking.

Volvo ID

Volvo On Call

In Car Delivery


Clean Car Service


Clean Car Service


It can sometimes be difficult to care for your car as well as you would like. Your car may be dirty, it may need refuelling, or perhaps the washer fluid is getting low. Days go by and you just don’t get around to it. Sound familiar? With our new service we do this for you while you are at work. We call it Clean Car Service.

Clean Car Service Campaign, from 99SEK

Pay with CarPay


Service to-car is a digital service geared towards making things easier for you as a customer, which is why payment is carried out via CarPay. The cost will be presented to you, and you complete the payment directly after the services are carried out. To use CarPay, you must have a personal Volvo card. As a Volvo employee you are able to apply for a Volvo Cars Benefit Card, which gives you a range of generous discounts.


  • I have made a booking, what happens now?
    • At least two days before the service you will receive a link which you use to confirm the order and communicate the time and general area in whcih your car will be parked (this can be changed later). If you do not confirm in time, Volvo Cars will not be able to transport your vehicle.
    • Park within 1 km of the stated area on the day of the service.
    • Leave your spare key in the glove compartment.
    • Lock your vehicle using the Volvo On Call app – this is very important.
    • Only the assigned driver will have access to your car during the day.
    • You will be notified when the car has been dropped off and parked. You can locate your with Volvo On Call.
  • For how long will I not have access to my car?

    The time period depends on the service you select. The time period you select gives us digital access to your vehicle during that time. Your car must be parked at the chosen pick up point at the start time, and you will get your car back no later than the end time. Naturally, our aim is for the time you do not have access to your vehicle to be as short as possible.

  • I have been delayed or need to cancel the booking, what should I do?
    • If you are delayed, please contact Volvo Cars on 031 380 8379. Depending on how late you are, there is a risk that we will not have enough time to carry out the services you have booked.
    • If you need to cancel your booking, please send an email to Payments already made will be refunded. Servicing time at the workshop will not be affected.
    • If you need to cancel your vehicle servicing, please contact your Personal Service Technician.
  • How will I know where you have parked my car?

    You will see the precise location of your vehicle in the Volvo On Call app. To make things easier, you can use the app to flash your vehicle’s lights or blow the hooter.

  • How does Volvo Cars locate my car?

    On the day of the service, and for the time period selected, the transporter will be able to see your vehicle's position via GPS. Only the assigned transporter will be able to see this. In-car Delivery can also detect if your car is in a multi-storey parking lot, and you will receive a text message through which you can communicate the floor on which the car is parked.

  • Is the service insured?

    Volvia provides insurance coverage for the vehicle during the time Volvo Cars has digital access to the vehicle plus two hours before and after the car is parked at the pick-up point. If we have access between 7:00-10:30, the vehicle will be insured between 5:00-12:30.

  • I need a courtesy car, what should I do?

    We cannot deliver courtesy cars at the current time. If you require a courtesy car, you will need to drop off your vehicle yourself and sign for a courtesy car with us.

  • I have forgotten my Volvo-ID password, how can I get a new one?

    You can change your password by following the instructions in the link below.


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