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We answer questions for you who are employed within Volvo Group, Volvo Cars, Geely, Polestar and other group companies.

On1 February, parts of Volvo Bil's business in Volvo Car Sörred, Volvo Car Tuve and Volvo Car Lundby becomed a part of Volvo Car Retail. Volvo Bil's responsibility will continue to be the company car business, where Volvo Car Retail will be an important partner. For those who visit Volvo Car Sörred, Tuve or Lundby, it is the same customer experience, reception, technicians and salespeople who meet you in the sales hall and in the workshop. For those of you who have a company car, this means that in the future you will also be able to book service and repair at Volvo Car Retail's facilities, within your contract.

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Volvo Bil

Company car - 031-380 80 40

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Telefon - 031-380 80 90
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Volvo Car Retail

Car purchase, car rental, workshop, Personal Service Technician, spare parts, tyres, refuel and car wash - 020-81 81 00


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Arvika - Helmia

Eskilstuna - Bilia

Göteborg - Volvo Car Retail

Karlshamn - Ahlbergs Bil

Katrineholm - Skobes

Köping - Bilia

Malmö/Lund - Bilia

Olofström - Ahlbergs bil

Skövde - Brandt Bil

Stockholm - Volvo Car Retail

Stockholm - Bilia Haga Norra

Stockholm - Bilia Segeltorp

Stockholm - Bilia Jakobsberg

Uddevalla - Brandt Bil

Umeå - Bilbolaget

Växjö - Liljas Bil

Åmål - Brandt Bil

Örebro - Tage Reimes


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