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Latest updates


1 juli - Changed reduction of benefit value for environmentally adapted cars

The parliament has made a decision regarding a changed reduction in the benefit value for environmentally adapted cars. This means that the rules are changed so that the new car price is reduced by a fixed standard amount. This will take effect for cars registered from 1 July 2022.
Our ordering tool is already updated with the new rules as the cars that are now ordered are expected to be delivered only after this date. For the cars delivered before 1 July, the current rules apply.





Irregular and new regular opening hours

Due to Ascension Day, we have closed our facilities, read more in irregular opening hours via the link below.

Monday 16 May, we have changed our regular opening hours at:

  • Volvo Car Arendal closes at 16.00 on weekdays. (formerly 17.00)
  • Car rental at Volvo Car Sörred closes at 17.00 on weekdays. (formerly 18.00)





1 juni Lower limits for Malus

A decision has now been made to increase vehicle tax for petrol and diesel cars regarding new cars registered from 1 June 2022. The limit value for the malus tax is lowered to 75 grams, which for an ordinary petrol or diesel car means a tax increase of a maximum of SEK 1,730 per year. This means a higher monthly cost of between SEK 35-70 depending on what marginal tax you have and whether it is a car with test equipment or not.




Volvo Car Arendal is closing on July 15

Our world is constant progress and we need to develop with it. As the area around Arendal changes, we need to adapt our presence in the area. This means that we will close down our workshop, fuel station and car wash in Arendal from July 15th. Our technicians will be part of the teams at our other facilities in Tuve, Sörred and Lundby and continue to provide the same good service as before. All our customers are welcome to follow their Personal Service Technician to their new facility. More detailed information about Personal Service Technician and tire storage will be given to affected customers.