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Good to know about benefit value

Please note that the cost and benefit value you see when placing your car order is always preliminary and may differ from the final calculation made when the car is delivered. It is affected by the year the car is manufactured, new model code and new price apply for each year of manufacture. At each turn of the year, the benefit value is also adjusted as it is recalculated with a new price base amount and government loan interest for the current tax year. This recalculation is also done for all the company cars that are already in traffic.





Business change tomorrow February 1

From tomorrow February 1, parts of Volvo Bil's business in Volvo Car Sörred, Volvo Car Tuve and Volvo Car Lundby will become part of Volvo Car Retail. Volvo Car Retail is today located in Stockholm, Enköping and Gothenburg and is Volvo Car's wholly owned dealer operation. Volvo Bil's responsibility will continue to be the company car business, where Volvo Car Retail will be an important partner.

For those who visit Volvo Car Sörred, Tuve or Lundby, it is the same customer experience, reception, technicians and salespeople who meet you in the sales hall and in the workshop.

For those of you who have a company car, this means that in the future you will also be able to book service and repair at Volvo Car Retail's facilities, within your contract.

If you have questions about your company car, you can still contact us by phone on 031-380 80 00, or by booking a digital meeting. You are also welcome to visit us for consulting in the sales hall in Sörred.





Irregular opening hours January 27

Our facilities in Tuve and Lundby as well as the workshop in Sörred will close at 16.00 Friday January 27. The sales hall in Sörred is open according to regular opening hours.





Service and workshop booking

Booking at Sörred and Tuve is closed for technical update from January 23 to January 31. Possibility to book at Lundby until January 27.
Welcome to make your booking at Sörred, Lundby and Tuve again on February 1.





Total sale of gift items

Volvo Bil's gift shop on Monteringsvägen 2 at Sörredsmotet will be closed on January 20 and is now selling out all gift items. 30% discount on already low prices. Corresponds to approximately 50-75% discount against recommended approximate prices. The gift shop in Lundby will end its gift assortment.

Welcome and to shop at bargain prices among famous brands such as Kosta Boda, Orrefors, Rörstrand, Iittala, Global, Scanpan, Kosta Linnewäfveri, Orrefors Jernverk, Lord Nelson, Queen Anne, Mumin, Eva Solo, Markus Aujalay, Sagaform, Epic and Titan. We reserve the right that some brands may be sold out.





Irregular opening hours

If you plan to visit our facilities during the Christmas weeks, we would like to draw your attention to our irregular opening hours, which you will find below. Welcome!





Sorry for the mess we are rebuildning

We would like to apologize that it may seem messy at Volvo Car Sörred right now.
But we have good news - the reason is that we are rebuilding to make room for parts of Volvo Cars' visitor operations that are moving in with us. It includes factory tours with Blå Tåget, Factory delivery and guided tours at the Brand Experience center.

There will be new reception desks, check-in for visitors, a pleasant social area and a lounge. The lifestyle store is moved to the right of the reception.
The delivery hall will also be rebuilt so that the entire hall will in future be able to deliver up to 8 cars at the same time.


Blå Tåget - The tour of the factory in Torslanda covers the entire Volvo Cars production process, from sheet metal rolls to finished cars. You get to see how humans and robots work together to build our cars. To ride Blå Tåget, the visitor is picked up by bus at Volvo Car Sörred and driven to the Brand Experience Center, where Blå Tåget starts on December 1.

Factory delivery - A customer offer where foreign customers, today mainly from the USA, get their car delivered in Gothenburg. This offer has been around for more than 60 years and was originally started for Swedes who lived in the USA but wanted a car during their visit to Sweden. It happens that the customer orders a car via a dealer in the USA and then gets the car delivered in Gothenburg. The offer includes everything to make it a premium experience for the customer. Among other things, travel, pickup by VIP Taxi, hotel, factory tour with Blå Tåget, a traditional Swedish lunch and a premium delivery experience are included. The customer then uses the car within Europe and then has it shipped to the US. High season is during the summer when there will be many customers on site.

Brand Experience center - Here you can experience what makes a Volvo a Volvo. A guided tour with exhibitions where the focus is on design, safety, the environment and connected cars. To visit the Brand Experience center, the visitor will be picked up by bus at Volvo Car Sörred from December 1.





Climate Bonus

The government's decision that the climate bonus ends after 8 November 2022 does not currently affect the cost for Volvo Bil's compay car customers if you have recently or will place a company car order.