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Information on this website is a general guide only. Please refer to your dealer or showroom for more detailed information. The information on this website is updated on a regular basis. But Volvo Bil i Göteborg AB reserves the right to change prices, colours, materials, specifications and models without forewarning. As a result, information may not be completely correct and up to date. Cars and other products may have an equipment level not available in all markets, and which may not be included as standard. Your local showroom always has up-to-date info on models, prices and campaigns.

No guarantees or assurances

We cannot under any circumstances be held accountable for any loss or damages caused by our website. This includes any loss of earnings, loss of business, loss of programs or other data by the user or the user’s respective information systems or equivalent.

Volvo Bil i Göteborg AB does not give any guarantees or assurances in regard to other websites and apps that can be accessed via this website. These sites appear for you the customer’s convenience and we cannot in any way accept responsibility for their content or use. It is the user’s own responsibility to ensure that these sites are free from viruses, worms, trojans and other spyware or malware.

The depiction of exact shades of colour of paintwork or upholstery may be misleading due to picture quality and/or settings. Volvo Bil i Göteborg AB strongly recommends visiting your local dealer and/or showroom to see paint and upholstery samples.

Information published on our website may contain references or cross-references to Volvo Cars products, services and other items which may not be marketed or available in Sweden. Volvo Bil i Göteborg AB cannot guarantee that such information is correct at time of writing.

Comments, questions and suggestions

Please note that all information, suggestions, ideas and any other contributions made via our website and apps will be regarded as non-confidential and uncopyrighted. By sending information or material you give Volvo Bil i Göteborg AB the unlimited and irrevocable right to use, reproduce, display, perform, modify, transmit and distribute the respective material or information. Moreover, you consent to Volvo Bil i Göteborg AB having the right to use ideas, concepts, know-how or technology that you send in any way or purpose.

Software accessible via the website

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Card payment only

From 1 Nov 2014 Volvo Bil i Göteborg AB only accepts card payment or bank giro payments to 5423-1071 at all its sites and in any business. The most important reason for this is that card payments are the most common method of payment. In addition to the Volvo Bil Benefits card, we accept VISA, MasterCard, debit cards etc. Moreover, the strict use of card payments increases staff safety and reduces risk of money laundering. It is our sincere hope that this does not cause any inconvenience.