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Volvo Assistance

For help in Sweden: 020-55 55 66
For help abroad: +46 31 518 335

An extra friend on the road

All new Volvo cars include three years of free Volvo Assistance*. This means that we promise to help you as soon as you have a problem with your car. 24/7 and in all Western European countries. It can be anything from assisting with a tyre change if you get a puncture in the dark and pouring rain on the E4, to towing the car and making sure you get accommodation or flights paid for while it's being repaired.


*For taxi cars, short time rental and professional traffic, see point 1.6 in the conditions below.

Read more about the conditions here (PDF).

Volvo Assistance up to 11 years

Volvo Assistance is included in the new car purchase for three years from the first day of registration. After that, the Volvo dealer can extend the Volvo assistance one year at a time at each service occasion. The extension takes place automatically until your Volvo turns ten years old. In other words, you can enjoy this extra security for up to eleven years. One of the market's absolute strongest assistance solutions.


For help in Sweden: 020-55 55 66
For help abroad: +46 31 518 335