Charge your electric car safely, both at home and on the roads. A Plug-in hybrid and an pure electric car are charged in the same way. If you are charging at home, we recommend that you use an installed charging box rather than a regular wall socket. Many parking lots, restaurants and gas stations also offer charging via exposed charging stations and charging posts.

Charging during the winter

During winter, it is especially important to plan your driving and charging of your electric car. Volvo Car Sverige gives you their best tips on how to maximize your range.

  • Brush and scrape first
  • Preheat the car
  • Make sure you have the correct tyre pressure
  • Use the steering wheel and seat heating
  • Enable range optimization
  • Drive on plowed and smooth roads
  • Drive evenly and planned
  • Use the one-pedal mode correctly
  • Charge as soon as you can
  • Charge a little bit at every opportunity

How to charge your Recharge car?

Where can you charge?

The possibilities of installing a charging box at home.

How to charge the car, when and how often.

How long it takes to charge.

Increase the range

Various factors affects the reach of your hybrid. In other words the distance can vary from time to time even if the battery is fully loaded. Factors as the wheather - energy is needed to raise or lower the temperature in the cabin. The weight of the car - are you the only one in the car or do you go with several passengers maybe with a lot of luggage. Tyres and tyre pressure are also factors that matters, as well as the fact that wintertyres consumes more energy. There is also a number of smart settings in the car you can do to streamline the consumption. With a little bit of planning you can lower your cars consumption of energy and increase the reach.

Three useful and simple advise:

  • Drive smoothly, avoid strong accelerations and to drive at high speeds for a long time.
  • Control the tyre pressure
  • Use the smartness of the car, read more about driving mode and functions below
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Plan your upcoming roadtrip

There is a lot going on regarding charging infrastructur in Europe. The number of chargingstations increases and some countries take lead in the expansion while some are a bit behind. Use the map inclosed to plan your next roadtrip in Sweden and Europe.





Use the smartness of the car

Optimize your drive and reach by actively choose various driving mode and in that way influence how you use the car’s energy in the best way.

  • PURE - Prioritize electric power. Used when the hybrid battery has a sufficiently high charge level. To be used in low speeds, in residential areas, urban driving, car quenes, in parking garages and so on.
  • HYBRID - Default mode. Uses both the electric motor and internal combustion engine - individually or in parallel - and calculates optimal use with regard to performance, fuel consumption and comfort.
  • POWER - High performance from both electric as well as internal combustion engine at the same time.
  • CONSTANT - AWD Both the internal combustion engine and electric motor are engaged. The drive mode locks the car in all-wheel drive. To be used on slippery roads and when driving with a heavy trailer.

Charging site infrastructure now and in the future

If you work in one of Volvo's large geographical areas, Volvo Torslanda, Lundby and Arendal, there is the possibility of using charging stations in that area. Information and maps are available on your intranet. The work of increasing the number of places is constantly ongoing.

What about the rest of Sweden?

Both the number of chargeable cars as well as chargingstations increases in Sweden. Find an geographical overview and updated information here.