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You vill find our facilitys in Sörred, Tuve and Lundby.

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  • Stone chip repair

    Repair the stone chip as soon as possible and prevent the windshield from cracking further so that the entire windshield needs to be replaced.

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Workshop services

We have many workshop services to choose from. For example. 4-wheel measurement, repair of small dents and more. See our range of other workshop services below.

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Learn more about charging

Charge your electric car safely, both at home and on the roads. Travel far with a electric car? Where can you charge? How to charge the car, when and how often? How long it takes to charge?

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Gentle car wash

The advantage of performing your car wash at a facility instead of on the street, is that you get the car thoroughly cleaned, but also that you are kind to the environment. In our car washes, we only have environmentally classified Nordic Ecolabelled products.

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