Damage inspection

Traditionally, you would take your vehicle to an auto repair workshop to get the damage assessed before handing it in for repairs. But if you have Volvia insurance, you can now use a smartphone app instead, which helps you to take good photos. That means you don’t have to come in to have your car assessed. For the most part anyway. We can usually determine what needs to be done to repair damage in around 90% of the cases, for the rest we may need to ask a few questions. Ultimately, you may need to come in to have the damage assessed anyway, but then we’ll send you a link via e-mail to book a time.

Damage inspection via Volvia App

Do you have Volvia insurance? What about Volvia’s app? If so, you can submit a claim digitally. All you need to do is send in one or more photos of the damage. It speeds up the whole process. Open the Volvia app, take a photo of the damage, and follow the instructions. In addition to being able to submit a claim, the app contains plenty of other useful features. Locate a workshop, view contact details, find out about driving abroad, and driving with children in the car. And you can also purchase and change your insurance.

Book damage inspection

If the damage to your car is not minor or if you are not insured by Volvia, you will need to book a damage assessment. Please wash your car before bringing it in. Damage assessment usually takes about 30 minutes. Following the assessment, you will be provided with recommended actions. Are you unsure if the damage is major or minor? Use the Volvia app.

Volvia’s app

If you’re a Volvia customer, you can carry out a damage assessment by photographing the damage – just follow the instructions in Volvia’s app. For minor or simple damage. We will contact you if we need more info. Make sure the car is clean when you photograph it and that there is good lighting, but without direct reflections.

This is how photo inspection works via the app: 1. Select the connected workshop 2. Photograph the damage directly in the app 3. Submit 4. The workshop will contact you with suggestions for time for repair

It is also possible to register your will via the web at Volvia. Click on the link below.